Have you ever wondered how much you matter to God? How deep His love is and how much He does for us that we may never see?

In life, it can be challenging to find someone who will care about us. The majority, and on some level even all relationships can be based on selfish motives. A couple can get together for various common reasons. Some of which could include loneliness, economic purposes, family honor as arranged marriages and one of the biggest, sexual attraction to name a few. Then a couple may decide to have children. Sometimes, fueled by parents asking for grandchildren or seeing other couples already having kids. One of the greatest love experiences for people is often the love for their child. But even this love is conditional to the relationship between parent and children.

The love we have for our children is the most relatable love to that of the love God has for His creation. Like it says in the Bible “the love of God surpasses all understanding – Ephesians 3:19”. Therefore like a father, God takes care of us. I mean He really takes care of us. He gives us all these things daily; water, air, food, sunlight, time to work and time to rest, a planet full of life and filled with diversity. All these things and all that is good in your life come from God including joy, peace, communication, hope, literally all good things you can think of. Even sex (within marriage) is a blessing from God. In other words, directly or indirectly every man and woman want God because everyone wants the things that He produces daily for us and He does it all because He loves us regardless of how we may misuse His blessings.
Other important mention is how vulnerable the human race is; anything can wipe us out. You only need to watch a movie to realize the one and one million ways we can be taken out. But yet we are still here, and some of us make it well into our nineties. We know that everything bad comes from the devil, all he wants to do is to destroy what God creates and the human race is high on his list because men and women were created by God and more importantly, we are made in God’s image. The devil hates God. Therefore, it is evident that the devil wants to eliminate that which resembles God. It is sad to hear people say they don’t want to accept Jesus because He will ruin their lives and because of that they would rather be with the devil, not knowing the meaning of what they really are saying.

God loves you because you are special, He created you, He is your father, He cares about you and He has a purpose for you. Nothing that happens to you in this life is a waste, rather, a way to build character in you and to strengthen your relationship with Him. I understand that sometimes life throws curve balls at you and makes you feel like you don’t have a place in this world. But, the reality is that you DO have a place, God does not make mistakes. To illustrate this: Every good architect before jumping into a project first will writes a plan. Imagine God as the perfect architect that He is, before he created the world and everything in it, sitting down in his office. Writing the plans for His masterpiece called HUMANS AND THE EARTH. In this plan, He laid out all the types of plants and animals to ever exist in the world. And in a separate plan all the living creatures in it, He laid out every human to live on the planet from creation to the end of times AND in this plan was YOU. He named you and carefully created each part of your body putting each piece depending on its functionality and no unnecessary parts were added simply because extra parts had no reason or purpose. The same thing happens with His masterpiece plan, nothing is in it that has no reason or purpose. You are in it, therefore, you have a reason and a purpose.

In conclusion, nothing and no one will love you more than the love of God. “Because nothing can separate us from the love of God. -Romans 8:31-39” but when we reject God we reject His love and provision. At that point, He can’t keep pouring love that we don’t want because the very nature of love depends on the wiliness of each party to give it and receive it freely. The love of God is everywhere in creation but there is only one place that the love of God in all of its forms does not reach you and that is hell. God took himself from this place to give his creations that didn’t want him what they wanted a place void of His love and presence. Everything good comes from God and hell is merely a place where God is not.
God loves you, and He wants you to acknowledge His love by you willingly receiving His love through His son Jesus. And when you do, He will never depart from you even after death.
If by reading this message you recognize that you need God in your life and you never want to live a life apart from Him say the following prayer at loud.



“Lord God, creator of heaven and earth, I know I am a sinner. I recognize that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and resurrected on the third day for my salvation. I accept Jesus as my Lord and savior. Please write my name in the book of life. Amen”.


If you said that prayer you are now saved. By the way, I don’t know where you are or who you are but after saying that prayer God will take care of you and in a few days someone sent by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus will come and visit you. He or she will tell you where you can congregate and fellowship with other Christians.

I am so Happy for you.I’ll see you in heaven.

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