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I am looking for someone who has a desire to preach the Word of God through PodCasts and writing but does not have a platform to do it. If this is you, please consider joining with us. 

A little about myself, I am a tech guy, the founder of Phesanto and passionate about Jesus. Phesanto stands for “Padre Hijo y Espiritu santo” in the spanish language, meaning “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Phesanto is not for profit and has not been designed for profitability. Although the Pheasanto family would love to write you a check for your contribution, we are unable to do so. Therefore, this work for God would be on a volunteer basis only.

If you feel called to bring the gospel to other people but you are wondering why to join Phesanto and not do it yourself in a place like Youtube or Facebook, I’ll give you three reasons:

One, There is power in joining together for the kingdom of God because all of us have different strengths, callings and ministries. We can only go so far on our own. Also, Youtube and facebook are great platforms but they are very common and are sensoring christian content these days. This is why Phesanto exists. We are building a network where our voice will not be silenced and where we can talk Jesus all day without censorship. 

Two, my strength is Technology and I, designed, developed and applied Logistics to this site, amongst other technical responsibilities. Therefore, Phesanto is an independent website solely dedicated to the things of God. 

Three, Phesanto hosts it’s own podcast and is available in Spotify and we’ll soon be in iTunes, Google Play and others.

Lastly, this is something that you can do from the comfort of your own home. You will only need internet access, a computer and a microphone.

If you are interested send me a Private Message or email me at [email protected]

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